The Recreation Department would like to thank each sponsor for their continued support of youth activity in Wayne County.  Your generous donation allows us to outfit each and every child on a team that plays throughout the different sports and leagues.  Your sponsorship helps us keep our seasonal costs down and allows us to keep the registration fee minimal to allow more children to participate. In return your business will receive your business name displayed on each uniform and at the end of the season, a plaque with team photo to display at your business.

It has been brought to our attention that some sponsors might want to donate one time of the year, for all of the seasons they normally sponsor.  Some benefits might be:

Only cutting one check to the recreation dept. for the entire year

Not being asked several times to donate by the recreation dept.

Mentioning to other potential organizations that you have already donated for the year

Only going through the request procedures from your company once a year

We hope that this will help provide a simple option for your continued support of the youth in Wayne County.  If this is not convenient for your organizations needs please contact us. After filling out the sponsorship form (below) completely please fax it to 912-427-5945. Once again thank you for your support of youth sports and the Wayne County Parks & Recreation Department. 


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