Responsibility and Expectations

  1. To make sure the player arrives at practices and games on time.
  2. To ensure player brings proper equipment for practice and games.
  3. To stay at practice and games whenever possible, and to support the player and team.
  4. To help the coach whenever possible – perhaps assisting in practice or participating – with the coach’s agreement.
  5. To inform coach if player cannot attend practice or a game.
  6. To encourage your child and team but not insult or discourage the opposition.
  7. To acknowledge the opposition’s good plays.
  8. To support and not criticize the officials.
  9. To support and not criticize the coach.
  10. To use mechanisms within the league if you think the coach is unsuitable.
  11. To be positive and not let winning or losing change your attitude.
  12. Above all, to let your child be what he or she is – – – a child.


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